ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS  In 2001, descendants of William Gilmore Simms created the Woodlands Families Scholarship Fund to provide assistance for college tuition to the descendants of the enslaved people of Woodlands Plantation.  Since then, seven students have received scholarship funding  including (from most current):

Thomas Kindall Rumph graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design, 2011.

Tiffany Huggins, attending University of South Carolina Aiken

Kaylyse Beckett, Winston Salem

Samuel Sojouner, South Carolina State

Wilbur Glover, University of South Carolina, Benedict College

Rhennevor Johnson, University of South Carolina, Spartanburg

LaShaye Glover, University of South Carolina Aiken

Aquarius Rowe, Coastal College, graduated Limestone College, Gaffney, SC, 2009

For information about the scholarship and its requirements contact:  

Central Carolina Community Foundation
2711 Middleburg Drive, Suite 213
Columbia, SC 29204

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