Jim Rumph (1810 - 1912)

Shared History tells the story of the relationship that developed between my family–the descendants of slave owners–and the descendants of enslaved African Americans.  The film explores the almost 300-year connection between these two groups at Woodlands, also known as the Simms place, a South Carolina ante-bellum plantation.  Continue reading


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Elliott “Junior” Manigault–Farming by the Moom

This video segment is from an interview with Elliott “Junior” Manigault (1925 – 2007) of Bamberg, SC, taken from the Shared History documentary video archives, which includes material not used in the documentary Shared History at Mr. Manigault was a farmer and descendant of Jim Rumph, the slave foreman at Woodlands Plantation in South Carolina. He farmed the Rumph family land as well as property at Woodlands and worked for the Bamberg Highway Department.

Mr Manigault talks about some of the old ways of using signs when farming such as using the phases of the moon to predict rain.

To access the entire video, contact the South Caroliniana Library at the University of South Carolina. Visit http:/ for more information.